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Nunya 00:47
Rhymer Reason I got a reason for the rhyme I’m squeezing outta And I don’t know a single person but I sees a lotta Friends and neighbors these pens and papers Are doing lots of freedom frying French potatoes So hug the bartenders and go tip the waiters Don’t miss the disc jockeys oil dipped in faders It’s sealed with a kiss till they gets the vapors And Im’ma put my hand out pulling for the coming up Friend of ME’s and enemies I’m learning Love will sum it up So touch somebody that you ain’t never met yet Let that comfort zone go feel a death threat Cuz the best yet to come and you can bet that We gonna let that kick drum get the cassette wet We gonna pray Jesus come until He hit that Gong let the song play on and Im’ma spit that Chorus: Thank you. You’re welcome You can tell them. You can tell somebody that Thank you. You’re welcome You can tell them that I made it for you Thank you. You’re welcome You can tell them. You can tell somebody that Now is the time for the rhyme and the reason Thank you for listening brethren and sistren For paying at the door at the show and the Discman We all in the family though some of us distant And some of us close the Holy Ghost know that this can Bring us all together like we never even left it Keeping us forever whether entering or exit We’re one backseat in the carpool lane One people one goal man we’re one in the same We might be 2 of a kind but we gonna be three’s company 4 in the fire 5 deepspace lovely 6 teen bars in a 7 layer dip Figure 8 paper mate in a penmanship And 9 lives for them phat cats trying to bring that back My dawg’s 10 strong knowing right where the rap’s at And that’s that Ziontific is the Mountain And yeah I know the math but who’s counting
No Angel 03:45
No Angel Chorus: I am not an angel but I brought a couple with me I can’t see them with my human eyes but let’s just put this simply I see them in my darkness Hear them when my heart hits See them in my flaws Hear them in my song And they’ve been there all along All along Verse 1: Turn up the heat man I doubt the flame’ll Burn the fourth one in the fire angel Been rolling deep since the days of Daniel Hearing God’s voice in a talking camel Come off the head like Mr. Ed of course The torch could be scorched on a flaming horse It’ll blaze right paths on a narrow course I know where mine’s at homey where is yours Right there in the same dang place He left it On ramp off ramp bust the exit Now who got the audacity to test it? The heavyweight uncontested Then Jah blessed it turned junk around The loudest noise still don’t make no sound I roll real deep when I paint the town Me and Gabriel we been down Chorus Bridge: Sometimes the loudest sound don’t make no noise Packing out the house tonight I’m bringing my homeboys Me and my homeboys we make some more noise Me and my homeboys ain’t making no noise Me and my homeboys we make some more noise Sometimes the loudest sound don’t make no noise Verse 2: 1,2,3,4,5 you feel it 6 for the beast and the 7th seal it About 10 different ways we can peel it We waiting on God to heal it Harvest the hardest to swallow and make your chest burn My chariot will carry it I’m skipping death’s turn My angel rein pull country western To straighten out my right and left turn Broke down John with a bomb and a Revelation Some say post pre-tribulation But either way humanity is facing Hell of a confrontation Placed in a home that ain’t home and I told em I know that Sky like a scroll and behold it’ll roll back Rock to the roll and the soul will throw back Your vapor life you can’t hold that
Elizabeth Shue Chorus: Put your foot in it try to walk it out Put a mile in them then we can talk it out Feel the Love and take notice If the shoe fits is it soulless? Verse 1: Put the smack down Put the shoe on other foot James Brown track stepping back now Put your best foot forward rapping is what you ordered The menu folded origami got you cornered Serve you hand and foot PicnicTyme never half stepped man good look Never pussy foot and don’t misbehave One foot on the pedal one foot in the grave One foot in your butt I’m like “What?” Want to kick it this cold then step your game up Foot loose fancy free I got them cliché Lace up your boots and follow me…hey You could be wrong you would never think when you look That you could be wrong you could shoot yourself in the foot You could try to step right to the beat But how you doing it with two left feet? Chorus Verse 2: I hope you know this. How good it feels Lionel Richie on the ceiling like I’m head over heels If the shoe fits is it soulless Do you ever land a hand to the homeless? He was barefoot on some boo hoo’s I had three gave him one goodie two shoes Kick in the shins kick in the pants Kick in the door Kid’nPlay kicking the dance Stay on your toes Silver Surfing 16’s hang 10ing the flows Run off of the mouth run of the mill Better run Forrest Gump hump it run for the hills My foot’s in the door, my foot’s on the rock The TX sun hot with all I got Think it’s all Stanky Leg down south? You gonna have to put your foot in your mouth Bridge: Too fly shoe fly don’t bother me Too fly shoe fly don’t bother me
The Business 02:42
The Business Verse 1: I got a bucket list. Short cuz I spit big Cut a jig and a rib off of this pig Executive I own the shindig Off the top toupee I’m the big wig Picture this kid flash drive a big rig Buzz off a coffee cup top, I flip lids That’s what this is so my hat’s off Me David Blaine and Gandalf had a stand off In a glass box, I came out that I’m Tex Avery animate a mouse trap How about that I’m bout that living it Jive turkey stuffed but I’m still thanks giving it Beef jerky but I’m still not feeling it Zombie Land your man is still killing it And got a tentative plan the LORD willing it The Sword of the Spirit the mic cord I’m reeling it And cast it like your boy fly fishing, my mission Is to keep my position in the red Turn it up in your truck what up you been knowing that Sandbag and rows I flows you can’t hold it back Chorus: Been knowing that. What is this? Can’t hold it back. The business You know what it is Give ya’ll the business Verse 2: You don’t freaking own me you don’t know even know me Chick that’s grinding hard, she ain’t freakin on me That ain’t no baloney Junior that’s a hotdog Soft like playdough but I’m rock hard I’m a rock star clean to the shave guard I’m bringing bones back to life in a graveyard I’m shiny bright tighty white no race card Underneath your radar getting paid hard cuz I’m way star Moonstruck who snuck in the back door Hardcore last forever and more Ask for what you will still and ask more All things to all men and or Women too swimming thru every minnow crew I pulled the old switcheroo on what’s fishing you What I’m finna do here’s something nasty Lines like I’m giving out candy
Say Sumn 03:39
Say Sumn Chorus: Man I strayed a long way far away from Got lost along the way where I came from Came a hella long way just to say something I got to say something I’m bout to say something Verse 1: I’m bout to say what you ain’t never heard It’s a bit awkward peculiar God’s Word Spoke with the pedal and spoke soaked in relevance Bars on my sheets look crooked bowed in reverence One with the elements. Earth, wind and sediments Wake up, take up Jacob’s ladder Heave is Right where I need it I might dare believe it My sight couldn’t observe but it’s right there I see it where I Left it sitting and I, get to getting and i Stop spitting and get to get living and I Need it right here right now like wow It’s something just to fight the good fight now Man it hurts but I promise that it works And it’s so much bigger than a Sunday morning church And it’s so much bigger than a priest’s collared shirt And it takes a lot of work but it don’t require works Chorus Verse 2: Man I got a little shine cuz I’m getting mine 3 and a half’s perfect time just to kick a rhyme So when I spit a line quitting time calls me Ain’t much time that’s left before we all see Who was there, who was coming who we waiting on Crown of thorns for a King that they place it on They gonna be hating on you’s what He told me Playdough to mold me, shape me then He broke me Sealed me up with a glue stick made out of music Told me I’m called and He can choose it Found it to lose it stepped on and abused it Who’s it? devil the author that confused it And I’m picking up the Truth cuz I’m hungry Dangle Brother number one swinging from a bungee Never thirst again you got the dead thirst Saying something what I’m saying God better said first Bridge: May I kick a little something for the G’s and Liven up the sucker emcees and Bolt the electric shock 1.21 jigawatts
My Cadillac 03:29
My Cadillac Dodging John Law push a Caddy slow creep Careful little parallel parking on the curb So the driver’s side shows that’s the one I preferred That’s the side with the hubcap don’t mind the passenger Where one of them’s missing and the other’s off an Acura Man it don’t matter cuz I bought it with cash It only gets 4 miles to the gallon in gas It’s Agg city boy where I’m running the streets I had a ’91 Escort but upgraded Don’t ask my girl cuz she hate it but can’t fade it Rollin with the white exterior metaphor me The hardest thrift shopper that you ever gonna see Got a blue pinstripe this tight emcee Gonna rule the burbs with my words and straight look like a G Chicken heads holler at your boy peep peep You like a car song cool then I got one Angels strapped in rolling shot gun My son’s sitting in the back trying to spit a little rap So I let him set it off and give him a soul clap Put the wood up, put the wood up It’s Agg Town Southside put your hood up Bridge: I got my car I got no cash Got my foot pressed light on the gas I got my phone I got my ride Got my seat leaned back to the side I still sit low I got no tint Got no money and I got no rent I got no worries I got no cash Thinking how all this ain’t gonna last I’m riding It’s just a freaking car it ain’t something we keep Why’s it make me feel so dang cool I’m Johnny Mathis Carpooling pulling up to soccer practice My son learned quick my AC lacked Looking real hard, a toddler car seat in the back Perfect size the trunk carries the merch Playdough family parking lot at the Church Sunday morning
Franks & Beans Chorus: One for the money two for the show Three for the money four for the dough Five for the money six for the flow I’m so money get dough Verse 1: Ride on it, bet on it You can put your life on it, dead on it Some dough, some kneading that bread money That cream that dollar, dollar bill money Money to burn more than I earn but so what And money can’t buy love but still it your buck So get your dollars’ worth go one for the money Two for the show and prove three for the twenty I guess that if it glitters it’s gold and cold shining Full price rhyming you’re nickel and diming It’s like we got got to get paper I know that Hole in your pocket gonna burn till you blow that The seed grow living cuz you reap what you sow that The money tree green doesn’t grow back So jingle it or fold that, crinkle it or crease it In God we trust and know the paper doesn’t read it Won’t see it on the Chorus b: How far will you go? Trying to sell your soul Money is time We all on the grind, we all on the grind Verse 2: Got to get it ya’ll spend it no limit all in it Ya’ll killing for it steal it hos giving draws pivot Through cities gonna live it full digits Don’t get it don’t live it oh ish it’s so critical with it Planet all senate all in it and round it and Governors, senators, ministers count it and Hustlers and players and n*##@s is bout it Dividends, dividends can’t live without it Back in the days a hundred used to be a thousand Now from inflation the planet’s rerouted It’s getting more violent it’s getting more rowdy Resources running low got to even buy water It’s all about the dollar I holler dog gonnit It got so much power they put God on it And what do we trust now to get us through the moments? Some people say faith but you got to have money Chorus Bridge: Don’t let money change ya Don’t let money change ya I get money and I make money And I lose money and I hate money And I give money I tithe it a lot I get money, money I got I get money and I make money And I lose money and I hate money And I give money and I give money Make money, money make money, money, money Give money, money give money, money money
1 Day 04:44
1 Day Verse 1: Just saw the doctor; I’ve got one day left Till my lungs say goodnight to their breath But I welcome the death the Grim Reaper’s finding me And that’s fine with me cuz Im’ma finally be so Freedom came my way one day So I got her digits right away One day to accomplish a lifetime’s checklist Things I want to do before breakfast I want to max out my credit at the grocery store Then give it all out for nothing to the broke and poor And want to be the answered prayer they was hoping for And let them know that they’re the reason God was broken for I want to yell out a few choice words to the cops And throw a (inaudible) in them donut shops And I ain’t even put a dent in my list Set aside a whole two hours for this Me and my girl gonna spend an hour to kiss Apologize to every MC that I dissed Cuz when I’m gone and highly regarded Dearly departed my life just started When I’m dead and highly regarded Dearly departed my life just started Chorus: I’m bout to quit my dead end job cuz I just realized I don’t need the money I don’t need the stress; don’t need to be the best and man I sure don’t need to worry I’m bout to quit my dead end job cuz I just realized I don’t need the money When I’m dead and gone just play this song, sit back and play this song Just play this song, play this song, play this song, play this song Verse 2: Life gets hard, it’s still beautiful Joy and the pain all seems suitable Nothing new under the sun it’s reusable Bob Marley “Redemption Song” at my funeral No regrets cuz I’ve run this race I’m close enough to the end that I can see God’s face Dry your tears don’t you cry no more Don’t you know that this is the day that I been waiting for? Because I can’t feel hurt, don’t remember no pain To live is Christ, to die is gain And when you miss me sit back and press play Think this is how I changed the world in one day You gonna miss me, sit back and press play Think this is how I changed the world in one day One last request before I leave this place Tell the whole world about God’s good grace Two last requests before I leave this place Somebody smack Nelly in his dag’on face This is how I changed the world in one day I could change the whole wide world in one day Im’ma change the whole world in one day One God, One Truth, One Love, One Way This is how I change the world in one day This is how you change the world in one day We could change the whole wide world in one day One God, One Truth, One Love, One Way
Hotdoggin 02:54
Hotdoggin Verse 1: My boloney got a first name and it’s official Ain’t got a last name just an initial You know the Word is straight from Proverb Hot diggity dog and you can all get served I got to swerve lay back and observe It’s from the hood to the black Cadillac in the burbs Sweet relish to embellish what’s exactly deserved And pack a packet full of pistols on a pack Hors d'œuvres My boloney got a first name it ain’t Doug I ain’t never seen it but it’s written in blood And so I hit with a thud I’ve got precision of Scud missile Please excuse all the flaws and bone gristle Let’s just call it all that I got The good, bad and ugly you like it or not I’ve got to bring it all together and connect what I’m here for Rapping for the last thousand years for Chorus: My baloney gets personal My baloney gets personal Hot diggity dog hot diggity dang My baloney gets personal My baloney gets personal Different parts make it versatile Till your thirst is full It’s all parts all heart and soul The red pill is irreversible Verse 2: My baloney got a first name, call me Douglas Middle name ain’t none of your gosh dang buzzness Last name Dangle angle in the middle of it Trying to star spangle Angels just a little bit It fits nice and it spice up the bun And it rings twice full price on the Son So I shred a little cheddar and I hope I don’t bust it Your butter knife can’t cut the mustard My baloney got a first name, maybe Diggum Honey Smack black hand side on the rhythm A little frog who likes to hotdog To an old vintage village that’ll crack analog Lilly pad to the log I let the drum hit hollow Fess up you couldn’t catch up if you’s tomato in a bottle Baby you can follow. A pink hotdog in your mouth don’t swallow Chorus
Singleminded Female Chorus: Everybody wants to steal my girlfriend And what am I supposed to do Everybody thinks that she’s beautiful Cuz it’s true Everybody wants to take my lady Like they really got a chance in Hades I think you must be crazy Cuz she already had my baby Verse 1: Everybody want it but they ain’t got the patience for it I done got to flaunt it but homeboy I’m paying for it Her name and wrist got her name on necklace Bought it online so you know just who the heck it is She’s a simple one got a brother sprung on a tickle tongue Frenching kissing wishing you had it but you ain’t getting none Look at my style you ain’t got it like me I got the flyest she’s the dimest got it naturally It’s actually me I see ugly as can be What can I say she cuts for a shorter version Dirk Nowitzki You know we the most frustrating when we walk in public Seeing brothers hating and honest inside I’m loving it How did he get with her? Man I never figured her Double D’s double those double trouble digging her Everybody wishing for something this particular I’m posted up in public on purpose just to be kissing her Chorus Verse 2: I like my lady like I like my coffee Ready in a minute, hot, brown and bossy The simplest one that you can’t carbon copy So tell them chickens back up off me Got a little song that wrote for the one that I care about I can feel your heart no matter where is my whereabouts I know I’m gone but I’m coming back home Got a souvenir shot glass girl I’m in Rome And they can’t even hold a candle I swear that they could handle The Nag Champion in an open toe sandal With a little ring and a little thing that I like When I ain’t home don’t be jealous of this thing with the mic I know these dudes’s spitting game but tell them they couldn’t hang Like they’re on some flight attendant while I’m flying the plane She got the outside that makes you want to date her I know what’s inside her’s better catch you later
So What Verse 1: Who cares? Man I hit rock bottom I ain’t kill the Sheriff but I may of sure shot him With a slug from a Plug Won, Two, Three tunin Of the Soul lyrical family reunion Felt when it melted the felt from a slip mat Saw your first cousin and I thought yeah I’m with that Ink got me buzzing on a page cuz I sniffed that Permanent ink the crowd thinks dang he ripped that Rapped that, had that man it’s sad that He ain’t never blown up despite the fact that He’s got a lot of skill and a good work ethic He rocks a lot of ill flow till words epic on a paper Another fresh song God what the heck am I doing wrong Am I not as good as I heard that I was from Mom and Dad maybe I really should have done some Rap that I spent too much time dissing Maybe then the public would have taken a listen Why the heck they telling me I’m great And I’ve been winning these battles since ’98 Chorus: So what? Hot banging a cut I got four flats on my brand new truck Plus your whole team thinks that I suck I could give two squirts of a what So what? You should bang this cut And make sure you do it when your down on your luck Say it to your boss when your brain’s stuck That you really could give a hot what. So what? Verse 2: Man I’ve got a lot of things that I’d like to tell ya But if I keep it too real I’m afraid I’ll scare ya Man I really don’t care what a man say I’ll just keep covering the hurt with a band aid I know you feel it, too Green with envy yellow and blue The same old thing keeps hurting you But when things go wrong what’chya gonna do Life didn’t pan how you want it to Bump that man we still got a job to do Punching a clock paper clipped with a time card Yeah you had goals but did you really try hard? Start a revolution Ain’t got the answer just Solution One plus one don’t equal three Minus the problem you find it’s me Man I’m here just to run a race I’ve got a cloud of witnesses that feel disgraced So far I’m dead last place So far I ain’t seen His face Probably cuz I’m dead last place Told His mercy and grace Chorus
I Got It like Chorus: They want it like I got it like They want it like I got it like that Verse 1: They do it real big I do it real small They got an entourage I’m solo at the mall They’re gripping grain switching lanes in a white whip Their grill is ice dipped I’m using white strips Their chain hang low some shiny necklaces They wanted New York I’ll show them where Texas is They charge it to the game no limit credit cards They’re paid in full I’m seven years on my credit scarred They want them bullet holes they want them thug raps Big spinning spokes kin folks I’m on hubcaps They want a club track sold in a dub sack Night life but I came to show em where the sun at Chorus Verse 2: They got a lot of cash they want a big spender A full course meal I’m TV dinner They got a full plate they got their hood ill My pocket’s half empty shopping at Goodwill They want a pay to play I got a freestyle They want they’re mamma’s number off of my speed dial They want it right now I learned to wait for it I took their wack verse to Church and prayed for it They wanted 20 inch chrome on a Cadillac I got a 20 bar poem in a battle rap I’m just a sweetheart they want it real thug They want a rap name I told them call me Doug Chorus Bridge: How you want it I got it How you want it I got it How you want it I got it
Ya Heard Verse 1: Cold crush cold rush the quarterback Push pillage through a line of scrimmage Some of that old macnasty want some then ask me Smack a rapper back that wack talk and sass me Procrastinated next week the cheek turn Weak burn, chased with ginseng and wheat germ Got my feet firm planted on a Rock that Unshakable Mt Zion on top that Old Testamental instrumental Got dead living lead raise a number two pencil I purposely purposed the incidental On a credit card maxed to it’s full potential Accidental, Alamo I ragged this rental Attracted to this track something sentimental Ali passed it up so I blast it simple And I covered for rapping long as I rap it gentle So let’s just enjoy my brand new tie Bounce the beat on my knee like a baby boy Who wants to rattle to the rhythm of a beat box? Wrote my lyrics on the wall cuz my sheet rocks Chorus: I know that you want to I know that you got to I know that you heard what I ought to be Buy you ain’t heard about me Verse 2: The name’s Playdough I’m still the best kept secret But when you’re this dope it’s kind of hard to keep it The beat tried to hold it but it’s bound to leak it Cuz I dry hump, frenched and freaked it We all make mistakes and we gonna probably repeat it I brought the Answer right here waiting when you need it You hungry for the Truth man it’s there if you seek it Just control alt delete it I’ll be the one to lead the revolution No politics no constitution A freedom no man can take introduced in A lyrical Spiritual solution It feels good when you’re chewing the red pill But now I’m obligated to wake up the dead still It’s Life in a song I disguise the topics It’s easier to take with steamed rice and chopsticks The plot thicks the prophets have told me The angels sang it to me and my dreams have shown me It’s deepspace above me and the clouds below me Incognito lonely like nobody know me Chorus Bridge: It don’t matter you can blame it on me Some pay for it some get it for free Some sneak in the door same pay the fee Some people rap some people emcee It don’t matter you can blame it on me Some pay for it some get it for free Some sneak in the door same pay the fee Some people rap some people emcee A lot of people rap some people emcee Most people rap few people emcee Everybody raps nobody emcee I guess the exception is me
Follow It 03:41
Follow It Verse 1: You up for the chase? I stayed up all night busy I was fixing my face It this is what it takes these are the breaks that shakes all this Till I’m butt naked in rawness I promise one day you gonna feel it regardless You lying or you honest Real or you flawless, we all is Stuck in between in the middle to dangle But I found a way out just shimmy the angle And climb up the pathway flow with ease in it Buckle down on the force put some elbow grease in it We could all be winning say “God let it come” Im’ma give a couple pennies to my block’s local bum And bounce soon as I heard the word trouble come Rubber road rubber jaw rubber raw bubble gum It was done in fun, pun and humor You ain’t the man you thought that you were Chorus: I can see the doorway into the future You’re about to lose your job to a freaky computer You’re a loser Verse 2: Follow it everybody follow me Something in the future is fulfilling all the Prophecy Take it to the ancient eyes if you want to see This is what it gotta be it’s what it gotta be I’m about to be replaced, I’m a loser I don’t need this office space, you’re a loser Quotas all up on my case and I don’t need that Blood in my veins a computer can’t bleed that God won’t you let your Kingdom come And let Your will be done till I’m done I got to lose my life if I want to gain some Freedom you wanted freedom, freedom Freedom we wanted freedom, freedom
Sunset 04:20
Sunset Chorus: When the sun goes down Never make a sound Night has begun for the sunset When the sun goes down Never make a sound Fading away in the sunset Verse: Waiting for the trumpet but I hear no sound Blind but I see when the sun goes down The nightlife’s fast but I must slow down 45 RPM on this merry go round The turntable wobble but it don’t fall down Everybody is an orphan in their own dog pound But I found me a new soul life in a loop hole Now I finally got a way to make the night useful Put down the spoonful what you been force fed Riding to the heartbeat on what the inner voice said I can’t take another mother loving disappointment So I’m large loving and I’m living the endorsement Broke my appointment with worldly enjoyment Tried to get it fat off of that unemployment Could you please inform it that I can’t afford it It’s a good thing somebody else bought it, He bought it Chorus


released December 6, 2011

Featuring Gift of Gab, Mr. Dibbs vs The Black Keys, PicnicTyme, For Beats Sake, Sivion, Beat Rabbi, Freddie Bruno, Harry Krum, Blaze Won, DJ Sean P, DJ Wise and DJ Bombay.


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PLAYDOUGH Dallas, Texas

The greatest emcee in the world.

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